About us

About Us

Add url Directory or link directory is a directory on the World Wide Web.  It specializes in linking to other web sites and categorizing those links. Add url free web directory lists web sites by category and subcategory. Most web directory entries are also not found by web crawlers but by humans. The categorization is usually based on the whole web site rather than one page or a set of keywords, and sites are often limited to inclusion in only a few categories. 



Please help us grow by linking back to our great free web directory service! 

Our History

We started in 2010


Add URL Website Directory is owned by s.miller of lancashire U.K

Future Plans

We plan in the future to buy a real domain name and upgrade our website, We are working hard to grow our website. Websites are been submitted everyday! And we now have over 4000 websites in our database.

Last edited: 17/07/2017