Rui’an Hai’an Electromotor Ring Factory

Rui’an Hai’an Electromotor Ring Factory (“the Company”) is a professional manufacturer of standard components and fasteners. As one of the earliest professional manufacturer of the industry with a history dating back to 1983,Website:, the Company produces standard products supporting for the application of machinery and electronic equipments, and provides custom service for non-stand products as well. The Company always has a great reputation for its high quality products and services. During the past 30 years, Benefit from our all along endeavor in producing high quality products, improving production efficiency , and providing systematic customer services, we become a regional leading enterprise and our products are regarded as benchmark in the industry. With the development of times, we set detailed developing strategy of” Pragmatic and creative, keeping pace with times”, expanded workshop over 6000 square meter, to bring the Company to a higher level in the near future. With our warm welcome, we invite customers all over the world to visit our Company and do business with us. We are looking forward to cooperating with you for our mutual development and a bright future.

Rui’an  Hai’an  Electromotor Ring Factory

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circlip for shaft;external circlip ;circlip for holes;Internal Circlip ;E-rings ;toothed washer;spring pins;spring washer ;Steel

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