Pujiang Yitong Plastic Electronic Co.,Ltd FT

Pujiang Yitong Plastic Electronic Co.,Ltd FT


Pujiang Pujiang Yitong Plastic Electronic Co.,Ltd was established in 2002,Website:http://www.itongplastic.it,it is a Chinese based company specialized in high quality multi-layer plastic sheets and mono layer plastic sheets for tray and carrier tape,such as HIPS,PP,PET,ABS,PC with conductivity and antistatic property,also is experienced in OEM service. We're always working on research&development kinds of plastic packaging material for electronics parts,LED lighting,LCD panel displays,medical treatment,printing,automotive parts ,food packaging,etc.With many years of vast experiences, we are able to assist customers in packaging developments to meet the specific requirements in performance and cost effectiveness.We are warmly welcome new and old customers from all over the world to discuss and establish cooperations with us. Hot product:Conductive PS balck sheet roll,Antitatic PS sheet roll,Conductive PP black sheet roll,balck antistatic PP sheet roll,Conductive ABS sheet roll,Conductive PC sheet roll

Conductive PS balck sheet roll Antitatic PS sheet roll Conductive PP black sheet roll balck antistatic PP sheet roll Conductive ABS sheet roll Conductive PC sheet roll plastic rolls thermoforming thermoforming raw material roll sheet thermoforming plastic sheet thermoforming thermoforming material plastic sheet for thermoforming thermoforming plastic esd plastic rolls plastic sheets for thermoforming polystyrene thermoforming polystyrene film for thermoforming PS sheet roll thermoforming PS roll for thermoforming esd black rigid PS sheet for thermoforming black plastic sheets for thermoforming hips thermoforming roll Sheet for Embossed Carrier Tape Raw material for carrier tape balck PS film for Carrier Tape PS foils for electronic deep-drawing application PS foil for carrier tape Tri-layer Polystyrene Conductive Core high impact polystyrene sheets for carrier tape ps flat sheet for carrier tape Conductive Tri-laminate Polystyrene mono-layered clear Polystyrene conductive carbon-filled polystyrene for embossed carrie tape HIPS plastic roll stock sheet for carrier tape

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