You Need This 2018 Marketing Calendar & Free Template!

What separates good marketers from great marketers?


Now is the perfect time to begin planning for 2018. If you haven’t started yet, it isn’t too late.

Make sure your planning starts with this 2018 marketing calendar and free template.

As a marketer, I’m always looking for inspiration. But, out of all the awesome marketing campaigns, I see throughout the year like My Oreo Creation contest or Starbucks teaming up with Lady Gaga when it comes time to planning my clients’ marketing calendars I can only seem to remember one or two.

Plus, there are so many special days, weeks, and months to remember.

In other words, there are so many amazing content marketing opportunities ahead!

That’s why I created this calendar and template.

To simplify your life. (And mine, I won’t lie.)

This is the 2018 marketing calendar you’ve been waiting for.

Happy planning!

Free Marketing Calendar Templates

Before we dive into each of the months for 2018, here are my free marketing calendar templates for 2018.

Marketing Calendar for 2018 + Google Calendar

Here is the marketing calendar for 2018.


Here is the Google Calendar link. 

Here is the Google Calendar ID:



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